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  • dsloboda

Southern Ontario Reproductive Biology Annual Meeting...43 years and going strong

So, the Southern Ontario Reproductive Biology (SORB) meeting has been going strong ANNUALLY for 43 years!! Wow, few trainee-focussed, intimate meetings have successfully run this long. And this year is was held at McMaster University (for the 6th time in 43 years) and we were priveledged to have one of the founders there, Dr Raeside - who, incidentally, at the age of nearly 90 was actively engaged with the trainees and asked the hard questions :) I can only hope that my brain synapses are still firing that well in my 7th decade of science!

Our lab was well represented, Wajiha gave an awesome talk, Kaitlyn a great poster and Kennedy (our 3rd year (!) undergrad) presented a super poster.

Congratulation to Kaitlyn Chan for winning the Best Poster Presentation!

Overall a great meeting and super science!


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