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Volunteers are integral members of the lab and may be assigned to their own duties, or assigned to a graduate student to learn the basics of scientific experimentation. This is highly recommended for those wishing to gain insight into what the lab offers, and to prepare for an undergraduate senior thesis. We are not currently accepting volunteer applications. Please check back regularly for updates to position availability. 


Senior Thesis Positions

The Sloboda Lab is home to many undergraduate students completing their senior thesis projects. We regularly recruit senior thesis students from September to December for the following academic year. If you are interested in the research and want to learn more about the requirements, click here.

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MSc/PhD Positions

Graduate research and training are central facets of the Sloboda lab, with many postions every year. To learn more about applying to grad school at McMaster, click here

Sloboda Lab members

Postdoctoral Fellows

The Sloboda lab is not currently seeking Postdoctoral fellows, however we welcome applications from motivated scientists and those who have already acquired independent funding. 

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