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​Undergraduate Thesis Projects


​​​Undergraduate students who work in the Sloboda Lab are interested in a career in science. Although I welcome any and all students from diverse educational backgrounds, only those students that are intending on Graduate work should apply to work in the Sloboda Lab. A thesis project requires commitment on the part of both the student and the supervisor, thus I accept students that are dedicated to this commitment and will strive for excellence in their project. All students applying for thesis work in my lab need prior laboratory experience (i.e. pipetting, preparing solutions, protein/RNA electrophoresis) and must be willing to spend time in the lab during the summer months to prepare you for your thesis work. Students are expected to apply for external funding for summer studentship. Undergraduate thesis students in the Sloboda Lab become members of the Lab team, and as such are required to attend all lab meetings and seminars and present their work to the lab members on a regular basis. If you would like to join the lab please send me your CV, transcript and an email telling me why you should be the one I select this year – and good luck!

Check this out…

SORRY! The lab is full at the moment - no room at the Inn! But look again in the Summer of 2015 -

there might be room for you then! 

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