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Our Commitment to Our Community

While the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged our global community, it has also revealed and augmented already existing inequities where marginalized and disadvantaged communities are disproportionately dying from COVID-19. As health scientists with expertise on pregnancy and development, we will continue to speak out and actively address racism as a cause or amplifier of public health crises. Pivotal to this, we will advocate for reductions in poverty, improved educational opportunities and support, access to transportation, to healthy food, and to health care for people and communities facing systemic as well as inter-personal racial oppression.  In this time of suffering and solidarity, we must use the power and privilege we have as scientists to speak out and advocate for safety and justice. Thus, we will use our expertise to advocate for poverty reduction and food security for Black and Indigenous mothers or mothers-to-be and strive for a healthy start to all people and communities.


Now more than ever we need to dig deep to support each other’s struggles, to connect, and to stand together. Please make this commitment with us, as we support our community members that face the biggest challenges.

About the Sloboda Lab

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The Sloboda Lab studies the early life origins of health and disease. We are interested in understanding how early life adversity impacts fetal development, and how these changes to development influence the risk of chronic disease later in life.

The Sloboda Lab has recently been involved in community-based studies such as the Art of Creation, CanTec-19, and Mothers to Babies (M2B). 
Learn more about our past and ongoing research here

Learn About Our Research & Early Origins Science 

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